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516-333-2224     admissions@xusom.com     apply now

Student Loans Available for Full Cost of Attendance
Pursue your dream of becoming a physician. Aruba's idyllic weather provides students with calm surroundings to study medicine.
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Financial Aid Available For Canadian Students

Xavier University School of Medicine accepts student loans issued through the Canadian government. The Government of Canada, and most provincial or territorial governments, work together to deliver federal and provincial student loan and grant programs.

For applicants living in Alberta, apply through Student Aid Alberta.

For applicants living in Ontario, we are authorized to work with the Ontario Student Assistance Program.

For applicants living in British Columbia, submit an application with StudentAidBC.

Fully Accredited

New York State Board of Education Approved

Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM)
New Residential Campus
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New Academic Campus
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