Our current curriculum is discipline based as has been traditional in many programs. Implementation of a system-based curriculum is currently planned to begin in 2025. Hands-on experience is incorporated into the program from the very beginning of your veterinary medical journey. This curriculum is being mapped to follow AVMA-COE and AAVMC required competencies.

Semester 1

Veterinary Anatomy 16
Veterinary Physiology 1 5
Veterinary Public Health 1 1
Essential Veterinary Skills 11

Semester 2

Veterinary Anatomy 2 4
Veterinary Physiology 24
Veterinary Public Health 21
Microbiology and Immunology 1 3
Essential Veterinary Skills 21

Semester 3

Pharmacology and Toxicology 14
Microbiology and Immunology 2 3
Pathology 14
Clinical Reasoning 11
Essential Veterinary Skills 3 1

Semester 4

Pharmacology and Toxicology 24
Pathology 24
Essential Veterinary Skills 41
Clinical Reasoning 21
Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature 11
Animal Nutrition3

Semester 5

Essential Veterinary Skills 51
Clinical Reasoning 31
Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature 21
Small Animal Medicine 15

Semester 6

Essential Veterinary Skills 61
Clinical Reasoning 41
Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature 31
Small Animal Medicine 25
Small Animal Surgery 15

Semester 7

Essential Veterinary Skills 71
Professionalism & Cultural Competency 11
Large Animal Medicine 15
Avian & Exotic Animal Medicine 15

Semester 8

Essential Veterinary Skills 81
Professionalism & Cultural Competency 21
Large Animal Medicine 25
Avian & Exotic Animal Medicine 25
Large Animal Surgery5

Semester 9

Comprehensive Exam Review
Licensing Exam Preparation

The 4th year of the program consists of clinical rotations. This will follow the accredited institution’s plan and may include the following:
This clinical training will be completed at Xavier’s partner accredited affiliate institutions in the US and Canada.

Rotations may include, but are not limited to:
» Community Practice
» Shelter Medicine and Surgery
»  Small Animal Internal Medicine
» Small Animal Surgery – Soft Tissue
» Small Animal Surgery – Orthopedics
» Farm Animal Medicine and Surgery
» Large Animal Field Services
» Equine Medicine
» Equine Surgery
» Equine Field Service
» Equine Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
» Radiology
» Clinical Anesthesiology
» Applied Pathology
» Small Animal Critical Care
» Small Animal Emergency
» Ophthalmology
» Dermatology
» Cardiology
» Small Animal Neurology
» Small Animal Oncology
» Theriogenology
» Surgical Oncology

The assessment and oversight for fourth year clinical rotations is the responsibility of Xavier University School of Veterinary Medicine, who is the degree granting institution.