Admission Requirements

At Xavier University School of Veterinary Medicine, we follow a holistic approach in our selection of students for admission. We go beyond simply reviewing academics to consider candidates in full. This includes their life skills and experiences, their personal attributes and capabilities, and who they are inside and outside of the classroom. Why? Because such key factors impact the learning experience for all, we strive to select those who bring positive energy and contribute greater value to the school.

All applicants applying for the 4-year veterinary medicine program need to have completed at least 60 credit hours of undergraduate studies including the following subjects:

» General Biology or Zoology with Lab (8 credits)
» Physiology may account for a portion of these required credits
» General Chemistry with Labs (2 semesters,8 credits)
» Organic Chemistry (3 credits)
» Biochemistry (3 credits with Organic Chemistry as a prerequisite)
» Physics (6 credits)
» Statistics or Biostatistics (3 credits)
» Genetics (3 credits)
» English – writing intensive course (3 credits)
» Social Sciences or Humanities (6 credits)

Applicants also need to have 100+ hours of work experience with animals.

In accordance with with university policy, Xavier University does not discriminate on the basis of age; ancestry; color; creed; disability; ethnicity; marital or parental status; national origin; pregnancy; race; religion; disability; sex; sexual orientation; or veteran’s status with regard to treatment in the educational programs or activities that it operates.