Xavier University School of Veterinary Medicine’s mission is to make quality veterinary education more affordable.

All students who enroll in 2024 will receive a half-tuition scholarship!

All of the following terms must be met in order to receive and maintain any Scholarship:

  1. Must be entering Xavier University in the first semester of the Veterinary Medical Program (Semester 1).
  2. Must have continuous enrollment.
  3. Must maintain satisfactory academic progression at the discretion of the Chief Academic Officer and the Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine.
  4. No disciplinary actions of any sort while a student of XUSOVM.
  5. Student must reside at on-campus housing during Veterinary Medical Program in Aruba.
  6. Tuition must be fully paid by the due date.

Scholarships may be rescinded if terms are not met, and the student will be responsible for full tuition. Awards are disbursed in the Student Management System as a credit toward your tuition. Scholarships will be provided in equal amounts every semester as a credit towards your tuition.

Scholarship offers are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, and the committee reserves the right to approve or deny a student for any reason.

For students enrolling in 2025 and beyond, a comprehensive list of scholarships will be provided that students can apply for. For more information, email admissions@xusom.com.