Continuous Quality Improvement

Policy Statement

As part of commitment to the highest standards of quality, XUSOM will engage in a process of continuous quality improvement (CQI) to ensure that the medical education program activities and the administrative activities align with the XUSOM’s mission, vision, goals and Strategic Plan, and to ensure compliance with accreditation standards.


  1. This policy ensures that the Xavier University School of Medicine is engaging in a continuous and intentional process aimed at supporting medical educational program improvement and ensuring a positive outcome during accreditation review.
  2. To describe the processes that will be used, the frequency of monitoring, and the committee responsible for managing the process and receiving/acting upon the results.
  3. This policy also ensures the medical school complies with Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM) standards for Continuous Quality Improvement.
  4. To ensure that all of the above supports the XUSOM’s achievement of its programmatic and institutional goals and objectives.


  1. Continuous Quality Improvement efforts related to the educational mission of the school are the responsibility of the CARQI Committee who are under the purview of the Chief Academic Officer.
  2. All employees, faculty, administrators, support staff, and non-employees are responsible for complying with this policy and, when appropriate, participating in the CQI process.